Bringing to Life an Idea that Could Change the World

Have you ever had an idea that could change the world? I have. And I’m pretty sure you have too.

Ideas are all around us and the best ones often come to us when we least expect it. It’s like your brain needs all these inputs and then a whole bunch of time to compute it all until bam! It has a solution. These problem solving solutions may come when we are sleeping, meditating, watching TV or even when completing another task. Whenever they come you better be ready to write them down or face the fear that you may quickly forget it.

Well luckily for me when I got a real perla of an idea pop into my head one morning as I was waking up, I was ready to embrace it. Without giving too much away, my idea is a read world changer. One so outrageous it might just actually work.

Such an idea needs secrecy while it is young to avoid theft. You see ideas are like cars, they get stolen everyday (quote by: Tomorrow Will Do – Hill Top Hoods).

Naturally when you have an idea that could literally change the world the last thing you want to happen is for the glory to go to someone else while you are left with nothing. So I am doing that just that.

But I am not just keeping my idea to myself, I am also developing it. You see my idea requires a website and and app. I know that smartphones have changed the way the world works and the rate of change in our modern world is simply breathtaking. My idea taps into this connectivity with a smartphone app that everyone on the planet can gain access to. You see my idea.. Ummm. On second thoughts I don’t want to give anything away to prevent someone out there stealing my idea.

I know that it will work and I stand to make millions from this idea. But for me the money is bonus. I will be more thrilled when everyone knows and uses my app for the amazing benefits it provides – worldwide.

Have you got an idea that you think could change the world? If so take action on it. There is no point taking your ideas to your grave, or telling someone else and watching them bring it to life. I know friends who have had a passion for some sort of business, such as hairdressing or even eating chilli sauce! They have taken their idea and turned it into a lifestyle. All they did was get a website built and searched for SEO services in Sydney and built their business. It literally changed their lives.

Remember that if you idea is really life changing and no-one else is doing it, you need to keep it private. That is the only way you will reap the rewards when it finally takes off. Either way get your ideas out there!

How A Simple Good Deed Can Go a Long Way

One word to describe myself? Normal – I think. Well that is how I would have described myself before my life changing event happened.

I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was about 4 years ago now. I was walking down the road on my way to do some grocery shopping. I got to the traffic lights and was waiting to cross the road when I saw an old lady pushing a trolley full of her own shopping coming my way. On any other day I would have thought nothing of it and continued on my way to the shops, minding my own business.

However when I looked again I noticed she was really struggling with that trolley. The poor women, she might not make it home I thought. So I asked if she needed a hand. She was both happy and surprised that someone had asked her, and thankfully said “oh yes please my dear”. I asked her where she was going and she explained that she only lived about 100 meters down the road.

I said “leave it to me, I will push this home for you” knowing that I was doing my good dead for the day. Of course I was not expecting anything in return. I was simply doing it out of the goodness of my heart. Plus I could only imagine hearing on the news later that night that a women had died from a heart attack while pushing her shopping home! If that happened I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I had passed her by without offering to help.

We had a great chat on the way to her home and she was so warm and friendly. When I reached her home I just started grabbing the bags and walking inside. It just felt like the right thing to do. Once the shopping was unpacked she offered me a cold drink, and I accepted. After all she was so friendly and it would be rude to decline.

The woman told me about her life and how she was had been living in the area for so many years. Come to think about it I don’t think I had ever seen her, but I was only new to the area and I don’t get out much. The time flew by as we talked and then I politely excused myself so I could do my own shopping. Luckily I had no other commitments that day so was not late for anything.

Little did I know that by offering such a simple deed would blossom into an ongoing friendship. The women while noticeably old, had a great sense of humour and was great to talk to. Her husband had passed away a couple of years ago and they never had any kids. She spoke about how she had lived an amazing life however felt that she was at the end of her time.

Unfortunately she passed away just 1 year ago, 3 years after we had met. We often had weekly catch ups where I would pop over to her place for a cuppa and I would help her with her large shops too. Little did I know that she would leave me as the sole beneficiary to her estate. And little did I know that she had hundreds of thousands tucked away in saving accounts. Why wasn’t she spending the money and travelling the world as she told me she once did? I have no idea. She did not disclose her wealth or give it away that she was loaded. Maybe she just wanted to live a simple life in the end of her time, who knows. Maybe it was just the age.

But yep, that day will forever be remembered as the day that changed my life. Not the day when she passed and I inherited her wealth. No way. I lost a good friend that day. The day that changed my life was the day I offered to do a good deed for a complete stranger. What blossomed was an everlasting friendship that I reminded of in more ways that money can buy.