Highest Paid Professions for 2017

Everyone wants to work a well-paid job on the labor market. However, sometimes the salary depends on the complexity of work and these highest paid professions for 2017 prove our statement.

You will notice that most of them are related to medicine and are complex. That proves that salary, in most cases, depends on the effort and complexity of the particular job. Let’s take a look a the highest paid professions for 2017.

Lawyers – Annual Mean Wage of $133,260

Being a lawyer today means diving into an ocean of opportunities. According to statistics, lawyers are one of the highest paid professionals for 2017. There are plenty of opportunities in the private, corporate or government sector for lawyers. A lawyer’s work includes legal research, taking a part in the formal hearing, defending the clients in the court room. A layer also prepares the legal documentation and gives an advisory counsel. If you want to become a qualified lawyer, it will take you at least 7 years.

Pilots and Co-pilots – Average Salary of $140,260

If you love adventures and traveling, becoming a pilot or co-pilot will perfectly fit you. It’s obvious why this profession is highly paid. These professionals are exposed to possible danger and risk on a daily basis. If you want to become a qualified pilot, it will take you at least 6 years.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Average Earnings of $180,700

A chief executive officer is the most corporate officer or leader responsible for the work of an organization. These professionals are responsible for making decisions, creating a long-term work strategy and have many other responsibilities.

Psychiatrists – Average Earnings of $182,700

Psychiatrists are professionals who specialized in psychiatry – a medicine branch that concerns diagnosis, treatments, studies, and preventions of mental and substance disorders. It’s no wonder that this profession is among the highest paid professions considering the world today. In order to become a qualified psychiatrist, you need 4 years of medical school and 3 years in a Psychiatric.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists – Average Earnings of $214, 750

These professionals provide medical and surgical care for women, including reproductive system, pregnancy, child birth, urinary tract diseases, preventive health. However, they specialize in other areas related to these branches.

Surgeons – Annual Salary of 240, 440

These specialists are responsible for injuries, deformities and diseases cured only by the operation. They perform complex surgeries and their job is very complex. Some of them undertake orthopedic, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, neurological surgery and reconstructive surgery.

Anesthesiologists – Earn an Annual Salary of $246,320

Due to the complexity of their work, anesthesiologists are on the list of highest paid professions for 2017. Their specialty is to cause anesthesia by combining intravenous drugs and inhaled gases. They are mostly needed in respiratory therapy, cancer, blood transfusion and many other procedures.

Orthodontists – Basic Salary of $221,000

These professionals have specialized in the orthodontics field and are known as orthodontists. They are specialists in dentistry. Their work is to diagnose, prevent and fix misplaced teeth or removing a tooth, fix jaws and sometimes even face.

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